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I will uphold you with My victorious right hand.~ Isaiah 41:10

Thursday, September 4, 2014

{Keys to Unlocking God's Power in your Circumstance} Key 2: Trust

Have you ever had a relationship with a person where real trust was present? Where even when something seemed, off, your relationship was what you leaned on, more than the circumstances surrounding it? I have someone like that in my life. A dear friend, who is constantly moving forward with the Lord in ways that I don't always understand. The faith leaps she takes make no sense in the physical realm, but in the spiritual- they are profound on a world changing level.  Even in the times where she is jumping off a cliff and I think she is crazy- I will go forward with her simply because of our history together. I trust her heart and have seen over and over that the things God tells her ARE from him and do bring breakthrough. We have established a pattern of trust from doing life together. We have established a pattern of trust, because we know each other's hearts and gifts and we can testify that they are aligned with the heart of God.
It isn't always easy to trust, especially when we have been wounded. Our natural response after wounding is almost always self protection. When someone lets me down, the natural would be to build up a wall so it doesn't happen again. When someone misleads or mis-commuicates, the natural response would be for me to get offended and not trust them ever again. Or how about when a particular group has let you down more than once? So many women that I work with, have a grudge against all men, because they have had a pattern of being let down by them.
It is the human response to put up a wall and protect ourselves, and so often, we subconciously project those things onto the Lord. We put up walls with him and even feel the need to protect ourselves from his sovereignty. When man lets us down, we too often jump to the assumption that "God let it happen, therefore he let me down too".
In order for God to do a powerful transforming work in our lives, we have to Trust him. If we don't trust someone, we don't let them close, and if the Lord can't come close to us, we will not see the fullness of his goodness in our lives.
So I ask this question. Have you established a pattern of trust with the Lord? Even when people let you down and hard things happen in your life, has he ever abandoned you? So why do we assume he will THIS time?
Has he ever let you totally fall on your face for no purpose? Than why do we assume that this time, our crisis is meaningless and no good could possibly come out of it?
God uses the hard circumstances in our lives, to build history. I look over my years of trauma, and see that even though people let me down, I have a history that was build with the Lord, where he proved himself to be trustworthy. And now, just like with my friend, I can take leaps with him, because we are close. We have a history that tells me I can walk these difficult things out in PERFECT PEACE, because he has never let me down.
One of my favorite verses of all time is Deuteronomy 31:8 "The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

No matter what you are going through presently, reflect on your history with the Lord. And lean on that in the moments you find it hard to trust. He won't let you go, he will fight for you, you don't have to be afraid. And as you trust him, watch and see your heart change. The fear and discouragement gets replaced with faith, hope, and peace. It isn't always easy, the enemy will fight to take those things away again, but keep your focus on The Lord, and the truth of who he has always been for you, and let him restore your trust.

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