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I will uphold you with My victorious right hand.~ Isaiah 41:10

Friday, September 27, 2013

Don't Miss It!

This week I had the honor of traveling 'home' to Ohio to see old friends and bring a couple of new friends to meet with one of our favorite pastors of all time. A man who has counseled many and who God uses to facilitate emotional healing that honestly blows me away every time I see it. I was blown away again this week as God did what he always does, and heals where we need it most, in the most gentle way possible. 3 women left Minnesota on Tuesday, and 3 completely different women came back on Thursday. I did not have the privilege of meeting with my pastor and friend, but my life changed just being a participant in all the things God was doing this week in those around me. And this is the resounding beat of my heart today...Will I continue to let God change me by participating actively in the things that he is doing?
I honestly have to say I was feeling a little bitter when I started my week. I was angry that my trip was so short. It almost felt like a waste. But as he does so often, God reminded me to trust him. This was his trip. I can't even explain to you all of the things God did this week, but I can tell you that the moment I surrendered my short trip to him and trusted him that he could and would accomplish all he needed to, I saw the hand of God move. God reminded me that he is bigger than I give him credit for and that he is not constricted by time. The things he did would seem little to some, but they were huge to me. I was able to talk with a dear friend as she worked through some generational strongholds and made a choice to give them to Jesus and pursue change and healing for herself and her family. I was able to watch another dear friend minister to one of the ladies I brought to ohio with me, and in the process I got to see first hand the calling that God has on her life, and the healing he has brought for her. She would never have been able to minister like that 5 years ago and it brought me to tears to see the faithfulness of God. When we give him permission to heal us, he does it. I was in awe of the work he has done in the friends that I love. And I was so blessed that he allowed me to be a part of these things. He was not restricted by the fact that I only had 30 hours, he multiplied my time and blessed my steps as I trusted him with my life.
It is a reminder to all of us. Do we trust him when things don't go our way? And do we actively look for the works of his hands around us? Or do we miss the blessings he has for us because we are mad that our plans don't go exactly the way we want them to?
I could have missed all of the amazing God moments this week if I had stayed in a place of frustration. Surrender brings so many wonderful rewards my friend. The heart of the Father delights in us when out of a pure heart we trust him and surrender our will to his saying "Ok Daddy, I know you have me, and your plan for me in this moment is better than my plans could ever be, so I trust you...Have your way in my life, take the steering wheel, and lead me to where you want me to be. Open my eyes to see the things you want me to, don't let me miss the things you are doing around me."
I challenge you to take that approach this week when you face something that doesn't go the way you hoped it would.
And remember, the best place to practice this, is in your marriage. Don't let anger or hurt or a need to control blind you to the things God is doing in your spouse. We miss so much when we try to hold on to our own way. Let God have his way in your marriage. I PROMISE you that when you surrender to him, he will do miracles on your behalf. And if you are paying attention, you will see them and give glory to God for the Good things he has done.

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